So Beth hasn’t been feeling well the last day or so. Monday she woke up from a nap with a slight fever. Barb didn’t call us because we’d be there to pick her up within the hour anyway, and she wasn’t that warm, just slightly. Honestly, she sometimes does seem rather warm right after she wakes up.

But her appetite was down at dinner that night and she fell asleep on my lap about a half hour before bedtime watching me play around with the blog listening to Raffi through iTunes. We put her to bed. She made some noise and went looking for her pacifier at least three time over the next 2 hours before we went to bed. At 4am she woke us up, crying. Eric went in to calm her and brought her back to me because she had a fever. 102.4 under her arm, which when you add the 0.8 the instructions say to, you’ve got 103.2. We called the doctor.

They asked a bunch of questions, one of which was if she had had the chicken pox vaccine in the last 17-28 days. Yes, she had. Apparently it is a possible to react to that vaccine in that time frame. Lump at the injection site, fever, possible mild rash resembling chicken pox (1%-4% of people), and 1 in 1000 can develop seizures caused by the fever. Alex didn’t react to his vaccine, so we didn’t know any of this.

Anyway, the Tylenol was already bring down her fever by the time I left for work at 7am. It stayed down all day. She didn’t eat much during the day, but she did eat a good dinner. She’s back at daycare today since the fever did not return.

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