Last night Alex suddenly pushed the mouse away from him while playing on the computer and declared
“I don’t want to play anymore!”

Me: “What’s wrong, Alex?”
Alex: “Beff is teasing me!”
Me: “Beth is teasing you?!”
Alex: “Beff is teasing me!”
Me: “How is Beth teasing you?”
Alex: “Beff is playing a trick on me!”

At this point I’m trying desperately not to laugh because I know darn well that Beth could not possibly be teasing him on purpose just yet.

Me: “Alex, Beth is too young to be teasing you. She doesn’t understand. What is she doing?”
Alex: “She’s teasing me!”
Me: “What is she doing?”
Alex: “She’s pushing the shelf away.” (The keyboard tray rolls back and forth.)
Me: “Alex, Beth’s not doing it on purpose. I’ll get Beth and you can play.”

At which point I removed Beth from the area and distracted her so Alex could play his game again without the keyboard rolling out from under his fingers. (Of course, it’s OK for Alex to do the same thing to me, isn’t it?)

2 thoughts on “Teasing

  1. How do you think he “knew” Beth was teasing him? With practice comes recognition. Now he knows how Jenna felt, too!

  2. Hey maybe she was teasing him! Haven’t you ever seen Family Guy? I’m not sure how old Stewie is supposed to be, but he’s pretty devious for a toddler.