Beth’s first word (updated)

Beth’s first recognizable, non-repeating sound word: “Alex”

Of course, it doesn’t sound exactly right, more like A-ix (soft A & I), but she will say it on command. She first did it for Eric and Alex this morning before I got up, but she did it later for me. And then just now, when I opened Alex’s bedroom door to start waking him up from his nap, she said Alex about 10 times before pushing open his door and crawling in.

02/01/2010 Update:
Beth’s second word: “Hi”

Eric came home from dropping Jenna off yesterday and he said “Hello Elizabeth” to Beth when he came in. She said “Hi” back!

6 thoughts on “Beth’s first word (updated)

  1. We’re not surprised that Alex is her first word. She likes to watch him, and enjoys his antics. It figures that she would get that word first.

  2. We wish our children would say their first words and it always amazes us what the first word comes out to be. She’s a cutie and maybe because Alex was the first, he will be here best friend for a while!

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. I sincerely hope that Beth and Alex are best friends forever. I remember the fun Dave and I had hanging out together in high school and college. We still have fun being together.