Happy Birthday, Beth

Beth is celebrating her 1st birthday today. How time flies. She’s such a sweet little girl.

She’s still in the cruising stage, but at least once or twice a day she’ll let go and stand for a second or two. She’s so close to taking those first steps! As long as she waited to crawl, I thought it would take longer to get to this stage.

She’s starting to try and talk. So far it’s just gibberish (other than mama and dada), but she will say the same sounds over and over. So it must mean something to her. She’s not really taking to the sign language like I’d hoped, but oh well, what can you do? I keep doing it in the hopes that it will take.

Just this week she’s figured out how to drink from a sippy cup on her own. Alex got it quicker because he used to hold his bottle, but she never showed any interest in holding her own bottle. She’s been getting a sippy cup for a while now, but I always had to hold it up for her. Now that she’s doing it on her own. Of course, I don’t think Alex even got a sippy cup until after he turned a year old because he got nothing but formula to drink until then. Beth’s been getting milk for about 6 weeks now, ever since she started refusing to drink her bottle during the day. Now that she will do it on her own, she can take the milk with her. On Sunday she drank at least 4 cups of milk! Usually we’re lucky if she drinks 1 through the course of the whole day.

I tried on Friday to get rid of Beth’s evening bottle because we were out of formula and not wanting to buy more. Oh boy, that really did not work. I ended up putting milk in the bottle and warming that up. Back to normal. I do want to get her off the bottle, so pretty soon I’ll start decreasing the amount of milk to try and wean her slowly. But for now, she’s happy and we’re done with formula.

Beth’s 1 year doctor’s appointment is tomorrow, so we’ll find out then how much she weighs. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere over 27 pounds since that’s what I got when I weighed her a few weeks ago. Should be interesting. Alex’s appointment is at the same time, so we’ll see how much he weighs as well and compare. 🙂

Happy Birthday Beth!

Picture added 02/24/2010, but the cake was made on 01/16/2010:

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Beth

  1. Happy Birthday, Beth! I am so jealous she already says Mama and Dada – Xavier just shrieks, and he is six months ahead 😉

  2. Happy Birthday Beth! She’s a cute little girl, I’m sure she’ll be walking in no time.

  3. Happy Birthday Beth. We wish we could be there to share in the celebration. We see your pictures all the time and you are a precious, beautiful little baby. Just know that a big hug and kiss comes with this note and that we love you very much,

    Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lynn

  4. Ditto on the birthday wishes! Love Uncle Ron & Aunt Mary Ellen (hopefully her card arrived already).

  5. Happy Birthday little girl. Glad we could make it to your party. Wish we could be there today, but we’ll be back soon.

  6. Happy Brithday Beth. I read somewhere when babies babble they are really talking we just don’t understand what they have to say. First we want them to walk and talk and then we want them to sit down and be quiet.