Potty training update

Alex is finally making some progress! On Saturday, he came over to me and said he wanted to poop on the potty. And he did. He got his popsicle reward. Then on Sunday he told Eric he needed to go poopy. Eric got out the potty, but by the time we got him on it, he had some poop in his underwear. But we told him to try and see if there was any more, and there was. So he got another popsicle for recognizing that he had to go and almost making it, even if he waited just a little too long. Progress!

5 thoughts on “Potty training update

  1. I asked mom if I can have a treat if I poop on the potty. She offered me some Beggin strips. You know, the dog treats.

  2. Shannon, you are on the right track with Alex, especially since you reward him for his efforts! I used to use gold stars for my kids when they at least “tried”. Inside of a month they were trained and we had a sheet FULL of gold stars. Whatever works for Alex, keep it up. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. Glad to hear that it is finally clicking with him as far as knowing “when.” Leigh didn’t seem excited about “beggin’ strips,” so maybe popsicles are a better idea.