Relax Mama, Relax Daddy

Sunday was the Packers first postseason game in several seasons. It ended in overtime in a heartbreaking sack and fumble that was picked up and ran back for a touchdown. Needless to say, Eric and I were yelling at the TV a bit. And we were in separate rooms at the time, so Alex comes into the kitchen and says “Relax Mama. Take a deep breath”. So I took a deep breath and hear Alex in the parlor saying “Relax Daddy. Take a deep breath.” 🙂

We had used that on Alex just the day before when he was all upset and crying over something.

5 thoughts on “Relax Mama, Relax Daddy

  1. Another example of how we really are examples to our children!!! This is very cute. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I watched the game (only because I know you and Eric are fans) and it was a heartbreaking way for their season to end after one of the best football games of the year. Unbeilivable comback from a large deficit! My hopes were for a Vikings vs Green Bay Super Bowl which would have been the game of the century. Alex is adorable in trying to calm down Mommy & Daddy using exactly your method from the day before. Hope everyone is having a great visit up there. I know how much Judy & Ed misses everyone when they are in Ohio & how much they look forward to their visits.

  3. Good thing Alex was around to calm you both down. That really was a heartbreaker of a game.