Happy Birthday, Alex

Alex turns 4 years old today. My how time flies! He’s really grown up in the last year. I don’t know if it’s just the age he is that there’s a lot of maturity between ages 3 & 4 or if it’s because of Beth being around and having to be more self-sufficient, but it’s really quite astonishing. He’s able to dress himself where a year ago he wouldn’t even try. He almost never pees in his underwear anymore, even after 4 or 5 hours. We’re still working on not pooping in his underwear, but I know he’ll get it eventually. And he wants to, and is actually able to, help in the kitchen. He’s sleeping in the big bed finally (with the help of the bed tent!). He’s constantly wanting to “do it myself”, which I almost always let him do. But then there’s the times when he wants someone else to do it, so I still get to help him at least once a day.

So when we went to the grocery store last weekend I asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted for his birthday. That led into him wanting to help make them. So last night we made his vanilla confetti cupcakes with the vanilla confetti frosting. I had to put the cupcakes in the refrigerator to cool them faster because he was so impatient to frost them (and his bedtime was coming up quick!). I took some pictures of him helping, but I didn’t upload them last night, so I’ll have to add them later.

Happy Birthday, Alex – Don’t grow up to fast!

Picture added 02/24/2010, but the cake was made on 01/16/2010:

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Alex

  1. I do it myself brings back many memories. Sounds like he had a good time baking cupcakes. Wish we were there. Thanks for the Skype call tonight. That was fun, watching him with his new race cars.

  2. Well, turns out that because of some router issues with our DSL provider, I can’t currently upload files. So the pictures will have to wait.

  3. Enjoy each moment they want to do things by themselves and when they want to share doing it with you. They grow up so fast you will find yourselves saying “I wish they were little again. I miss the things we did together”.

    Even when they are a little bigger and want to help do things and you think to yourself “they make such a big mess!”. Let them, they are memories you will have forever.

    Love, Aunt Lynn