What a misunderstanding!

The other day, Eric had both kids on his knees and was bouncing up and down with them. He said to Alex: “Alex, ask Daddy if he can feel the burn” because his muscles were staring to burn from the exertion. Alex hopped off Daddy’s lap and headed over towards the stove. Then he reached up to touch the hot pan on the stove! Eric yelled out and stopped him just in time. We had a conversation about not ever, ever, ever touching the stove, but it is obvious that Alex associated the word “burn” with the stove. Talk about needing to watch what you say – that’s certainly not one that anyone would worry about.

“Empty your mouth”, anyone? (My parents and sister will get this if no one else does.) And for the record: don’t ever use this phrase with Beth, she’s liable to do it. She currently will spit one food out if she sees something else that she wants more!

3 thoughts on “What a misunderstanding!

  1. I strongly suggest using the phrase “swallow your food first” in lieu of having to see a lump of partially chewed food be spat upon your table. I don’t think it’s good for appetites, but it may be good for diets.

  2. She definitely takes after her Mother, although you only spit food out on command. That was one of your Grandmother’s favorite “Shannon” stories.