I think he slept well

A good indicator for me whether Alex went to sleep on time and slept well is whether or not he comes out of his room on his own before I go in there. The last two days I had to drag him out of bed and coax him into his clothes. Today, he came out on his own. He gave me no trouble changing clothes, even doing it himself, unlike the past two days. Then he wanted to put on his own socks, which he did, for the first time!

Then we went to get Beth up. When I put her on the changing table, Alex came up close and said “I’m looking at her. Her, Mama, I said her.” (Alex has been having trouble with his pronouns and until just then, Beth was a him.) “Good job Alex, you got it right this time.”, I said. Then a few minutes later, while I was getting her clothes on in the crib, Alex crawls up on the side and says “She’s so cute, Mama”. Awww.

One thought on “I think he slept well

  1. What a little heart breaker. Wait until she gets into everything he’s trying to do and he tells you “She’s buggin’ me again, Mama! Glad he’s getting the pronoun right. That’s a hard concept for a kid his age.