Merry Christmas, part 2

So Jenna arrived yesterday saying that her Christmas was not all she had hoped it would be. She apparently got clothes from Grammy & Bumpa that didn’t even fit her! She did say she liked everything her mother got her, including a sewing machine.

Once we picked up the kids, it was time to open her presents, and the presents that were from her to us. (That way the kids still had something to open.) We told Jenna we had needed her on Christmas – to open Beth’s presents like she did when Alex was that age.

Alex was super-excited about his Playmobile race-car set. He could barely wait for Jenna to put it together for him. Then Jenna told him he needed to keep it in his room so Beth wouldn’t get the little parts, so they went upstairs and he wouldn’t come down for dinner.

Beth was interested in her Playmobile Snail. At least until we opened it, then she was just interested in putting the person into her mouth. 🙂

Jenna was very happy with all the presents she got. She loved the Kozy Wrap (think Snuggie) from Aunt Leigh and was wearing it when she went to bed. Was tickled pink over the Heely’s for her American Girl Doll. Super excited over the two new DS games. (It’s a shame she left the charger for her Nintendo DS in her mother’s car – it’s dead now.) Really liked the Learn to Draw art set, and the gift certificate to buy more art supplies. And she was thrilled with the new card sets for her Killer Bunnies game. I can’t honestly say there was anything that she was not happy with. She spent the rest of the evening on her DS (thus the reason it’s dead).

When asked again later, she said she had a really good Christmas after all.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, part 2

  1. Tell her Grandpa picked out the Heelies. Glad to hear that she liked her learn to draw set, too.