Stone Fire Pizza

So do we do the smart thing today and take a break after a long weekend with the kids? No, we’re crazy people and make plans with Paul & Susan and Stephanie & Tony (the playgroup couple from McDonald’s) to take the kids to Stone Fire Pizza today, after the Packers football game (and after nap-time). Alex never actually went to sleep today, but he did spend an hour and a half in his room having “quiet time”. Stone Fire Pizza is like Chuck-E-Cheese on a bigger, more upscale scale. Stephanie ended up being sick, so they canceled, but Paul & Susan were still game to go if we were. So off we went. We spent nearly 3 hours there and arrived home right at bedtime.

We started out by deliberately sitting in the dining room that had TVs but no toys, to try and get the kids to eat first. The place serves and all-you-can eat Buffet. The pizzas looked to be about a large (16-inch) size and were cut into 16 slices. This made it easy to try lots of different kinds. And they had lots of different kinds. 16 to be exact. The Caramel Apple pizza was really good, as the was Garlic Cheese pizza. They also had pastas, nachos, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t even go near. Beth ate like a champ, two pieces of pizza, plus about 1/4 cup of mac and cheese. Alex on the other hand ate about 4 bites of his pizza and drank about a 1/2 glass of chocolate milk. Oh well, that’s typical of him. That’s why Alex is built like a jockey and Beth is built like a linebacker! Then it was off to the room geared for children under 8, which was included in the price of the buffet. The rest of the place costs extra and we didn’t even go near it.

Alex had fun. He and Cindy were only doing the same activity once, when he was crawling on the equipment. Alex, as always, gravitated to the huge train layout. Unfortunately they only had 2 engines, and for a little boy who knows the difference, this caused a few problems, but only one major meltdown.

After the meltdown, I carried him to another area and managed to distract him. He then spent about 20 minutes crawling around on the equipment. Then he played in the water table for about 10 minutes and went back to the trains.

At one point I took Beth to play in the water table. She was barely tall enough, but we killed about 15 minutes like this. The rest of the time she sat with someone at the table either playing with toys, watching other people, or watching the TV screens playing kiddie stuff.

Around 6:15 we got dessert for most of us. We asked Alex,but he wasn’t interested at that point. Fifteen minutes later when we were getting ready to leave, he was ready for dessert. So we got him some ice cream and waited for him to eat it. Then we packed up and left for home around 6:45. Took a detour on the way home to stop the car and find Beth’s pacifier because she wouldn’t stop crying. We finally made it home at 7:30 and headed the kids straight to bed.

Oh, the quiet now is soooo relaxing. I enjoy taking the kids places where they have fun, but it is always nice when they’re in bed and it’s quiet again.

4 thoughts on “Stone Fire Pizza

  1. Beth does indeed look happy! I like the crack about him being built like a jockey and her a linebacker, although I don’t think she’s going to thank you for that later.

  2. Grampa, I’m sure you LOVE that Alex LOVES trains. I would if I were you! Shannon, you (& Eric) have such a good attitude about raising your children. You really try to do things WITH them rather than just let them entertain themselves. You should be proud of yourselves. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. I agree whole heartly with Aunt Mary Ellen. You should be proud of how you are raising your children. We often want to just say go play for a while but you seem to have an attitude that keeps you bonding with your children. Keep up the good work! There are too few parents in this world who don’t take such excellent care of their children. You are good examples of what great parents are!

    Love, Aunt Lynn