I’m beat!

We started out day out a little earlier than I hoped today. Alex got up at 6:30. Eric went downstairs with him. Beth woke up about 7. By 7:30 I was on my way to Target to pick up Christmas tags at half price. I had used up every last one that I had on Christmas Eve.

Then I had made arrangements to meet Susan and Cindy at McDonald’s between 9:30 & 10:00. We were also meeting a couple and their two kids from playgroup there as well, since there was no playgroup today. We arrived about 10:15 and didn’t leave until 12:30. The kids ran around like mad in the indoor playland. Luckily it was just us. We finally left because Beth had not had a nap at that point and was really starting to get cranky.

When we got home I put her down for her nap, which lasted two hours. Alex wanted to play on the computer, so he did that for a while. Then it was naptime for him. Beth woke up about ten minutes later, but Alex slept until 4:30.

Then came dinnertime. I asked Alex if he wanted to help me cook. “What are we having?”, he asked. “Ham, sweet potatoes, corn…”, I started saying. “Nope, I want pizza”, he replied. “OK, let’s go ask your dad if it’s OK to have pizza.” I said. Off we went upstairs to ask Daddy. Daddy said OK. So he watched the kids while I got dinner started. I finally got dinner on the table 45 minutes later and guess what? Alex doesn’t want pizza. He wants to go play trains. Not this time. “No Alex, it’s dinnertime and you wanted pizza. You need to eat”, I told him. Then came the battle of wills, which Mommy won. He eventually ate 1/2 a slice of pizza.

After dinner, he wanted to play games, and that was fine. He and I played the new bunny game once. Then the three of us played the new fishing game a couple of times, Eric beating both of us handily, even though he was holding Beth at the time.

Then it was bedtime for Beth, followed by Alex about 15 minutes later. Alex went down quicker than usual, all due to the new bed tent. He even was going to sleep with the light off, due to the “push light” that came with the tent. I turned off the light and he said “I’m OK Mama, now go away”.

And then an hour later, he was crying. I went in and he “couldn’t sleep” because he needed his light on. So the little lamp went back on and the push light went off. As far as I know, he’s sleeping fine now. Oh well, one battle at a time. He’s sleeping in the “big” bed and not the toddler bed. In a few days, I’ll take the toddler bed out so he can’t revert. Then I’ll try to get his light off.

6 thoughts on “I’m beat!

  1. You’re definitely right about one battle at a time. He likes to make changes slowly, as you have found out in the past. Sounds like everyone had a fun filled day.

  2. Glad the tent bed is working out like you had hoped. I think Jenna had a nightlight for a long time, I wouldn’t push that issue too hard, too soon. Just be glad he’s no longer sleeping under the desk!

  3. The problem here is that Beth won’t sleep with the light on. So as long as he needs the light, Jenna doesn’t get to move back into a room by herself.

  4. Sweetie I have always believed in picking my battles wisely with all my children. Even when they become teenagers you need to believe in that same theory otherwise you won’t win every battle. Just remember sometimes you don’t need to win. You love them and that’s what counts.

    Love, Aunt Lynn