Merry Christmas!

We had a very busy Christmas. We started out our morning as many families do, opening presents. But this year we had the added bonus of hooking up a webcam so my parents could watch them. We used Skype to do it. Fun was had by all! Alex got super-excited over almost every present he opened. He’s played with all but 1 gift at this point. Even the bed tent from my sister just had to be set up by 9:30 this morning. As far as I know, he’s sleeping in it right now. He and Cindy had lots of fun playing in it earlier.

Paul and Susan came over at noon for Christmas dinner. They brought part of the meal, we did the rest. Then the kids played and we visited. They left about 3:30 when it became obvious that both Alex and Cindy really needed a nap.

Here’s the list of what the kids got this year (I do this mainly so that if a toy becomes a treasured favorite, we can always remember when they got them and from whom):


  • Annie & Clarabell (Thomas the Tank Engine’s passenger cars) (Mommy & Daddy)
  • Collapsing Bridge for Wooden Train Set (Mommy & Daddy)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine play Shaving Kit (Beth)
  • Playmobile Race Set (Jenna)
  • Two Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs with wooden Thomas and Toby engines (Grandma & Grandpa Bischof)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine sound book with stuffed Thomas (Grandma & Grandpa Bischof)
  • Cars  bed tent (Aunt Leigh)
  • Cars  Color Wonder set (Grandpa Chris & Allyson)
  • Firetruck (Barb)
  • Sesame Street Game (Santa)
  • Dinosaur Puzzle (Santa)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine’s Sodor Engine Wash (Santa)


  • Chatter Phone (Mommy & Daddy)
  • Poodle (Mommy & Daddy)
  • Bug Car (Alex)
  • Playmobile Rocking Snail (Jenna)
  • 3 outfits (Grandma & Grandpa Bischof)
  • 2 books (Grandma & Grandpa Bischof)
  • 2 books (Aunt Leigh)
  • Sleeper ( Grandpa Chris & Allyson)
  • Sorting Snail (Barb)
  • Pat the Bunny book (Santa)
  • Piggy Bank (Santa)
  • Elmo/Cookie Monster Wiggle Ball (Santa)

Alex & Beth also got a joint gift of a Learning Tower from Grandpa Chris & Allyson, Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Verbeck and Mommy & Daddy

Jenna (although she won’t be here until Monday and doesn’t know about any of this!)

  • 2 choose your own Adventure Books (Daddy & Shannon)
  • Nintendogs Nintendo DS game (Daddy & Shannon)
  • Killer Bunnies Perfectly Pink booster deck (Alex)
  • Killer Bunnies Wacky Khaki booster deck (Beth)
  • Jon Gnagy’s lean to draw kit (Grandma & Grandpa Bischof)
  • Snuggie (Leigh)
  • Mini iPod Speaker (Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Verbeck)
  • Paint-your-own Horses (Grandpa Chris & Allyson)
  • A&D Gift Certificate to Artist & Display (Grandpa Chris & Allyson)
  • Wall Charger (Santa)
  • Style Savvy Nintendo DS game (Santa)

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. We enjoyed Alex’s excitement as well as Beth’s eternal interest in chewing on a Pez dispenser. It was also fun calling Beth’s name and having her look around to see who called her, while you and Eric were showing Alex their new learning tower. She couldn’t see anybody so she went back to attacking the tree and presents. We really, really liked being included this year. It started our Christmas out in a very special way. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. How exciting for Grandma and Grandpa. We grandparents always wish we could share in the excitement and see the faces on our grandchildren when they see Santa has come and left them so many wonderful things. It was super considerate of you to allow your parents to share in this event on Christmas morning.

    Merry Christmas to all of you,
    Love, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lynn