So I’m planning to wrap presents today and put together the kids new Learning Tower. Nothing’s been wrapped yet. We’re going to hide everything in the basement and then not let Alex play trains tonight. The plan is to take them out to see Christmas lights to kill that hour or so between dinner and bedtime. Of course, if the weather is as bad as they predict, we may have to re-think our plan. I suspect it’s going to be too busy today and tonight to try and blog later, so I’m getting it in now. Problem is, I don’t have anything to blog about! Alex’s “washer” showed up on Tuesday, thank goodness! (And no, I did not pay $89.99 for the thing – I found it much cheaper on ebay!)

5 thoughts on “Presents

  1. Just in case cover the presents with a sheet. If Alex gets down the basement when you are not looking at least he won’t see them right away. You can also block the basement door with a chair or something you will hear him move before he can get down stairs. It is so much fun when the kids are little. Have a Merry Chirstmas

  2. Have a great holiday with your children. These are the best of times. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. We used to hide all your presents in the boxes on the front porch in Richland Center. No one ever found them either. However, closets are great snoop spots for kids. Remember Jennie’s “yellow” bathrobe?

  4. Fortunately for us, there’s a gate at the top of the basement stairs to keep Beth from falling down them. Since there is no actual door. And as of right now, Alex hasn’t figured out how to work it. You have to push a lever and pull up and out on the gate simultaneously, so I think it will keep him out for a while yet.

    Sis – we just know that telling Alex that he can’t play trains tonight won’t fly since we usually let him. So we choose to distract rather than fight. We can use the attic, which locks, but then we have to go past their bedroom doors with the gifts and the attic door is kinda noisy when you open it. So I chose the basement this year.

    And yes, I remember Jennie’s “yellow” bathrobe. I still have it. 🙂