Beth (updated with new video)

Beth is cutting at least one more tooth. I started getting suspicious yesterday with all the drooling she was doing (buckets and buckets, unlike Alex who never drooled much). Then last night she was up from 10p-11p, only going back to sleep after a small bottle. She’s fussy tonight, but I gave her some Ibuprofen, which seems to work better than Tylenol when it comes to her teething pain. She had a fever on Monday night, but it was gone in the morning and I remembered later reading that teething sometimes can cause fevers. We thought she was coming down with whatever the Finnegan children had right after they visited last Thu night.

Anyway, Beth is really getting quite mobile. And she crawls very strangely. One knee and one foot kind of thing. Hopefully you can view this video since it’s hard to describe. (I’m trying a new encoder to make the videos smaller, so let me know how this one is.) (12/24/09 – Went back to the first encoder, so the link should work now.)

Hard to believe that she’ll be 11 months old on Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Beth (updated with new video)

  1. Absolutely adorable! Leigh says Beth crawls kind of like Quasimodo walks. Grandpa likes the “daddy feet” at the end. I’m glad that we could see, (and hear) the “family participation.” Fun to watch!