Last night as Eric was trying to get Alex into bed, Alex found a pair of Jenna’s pantyhose on the desk. So he wanted to put them on. When Eric came and got me to help, Alex had them partway on, but neither of them could figure out how to get them the rest of the way on. So while Eric went to get the camera, I got Alex the rest of the way into the pantyhose. Notice that Alex still has socks and pants on, which of course made it oh-so-easy to get them on!

5 thoughts on “Pantyhose

  1. Remember Leigh and Jennie and your bras? Why did that suddenly pop into our minds???? Feel free to delete this comment if you want. Still laughing.

  2. Hey, in my defense, parents, that was fun and we didn’t know any better. At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Shannon, I really enjoy your blogs. We only get to the see the kids once a year. This way we feel like we still are a part of their lives. Thanks!

  4. This is too funny! He sure keeps you on your toes I bet. Remember these moments for they pass all too quickly.

    Love, Aunt Lynn