Poop on what?!

This conversation took place as we were getting ready to change yet another pair of Alex’s poopy underwear.

Mama: “Alex, Mama wants you to try and poop on the potty from now on.”
Alex: “No.”
Mama: “Alex, why did you poop in your underwear?”
Alex: “I want to poop in my underwear.”
Mama: “Why won’t you poop on the potty?”
Alex: “No! I want to poop on Christmas!”

At which point the conversation totally fell apart while Eric and I laughed our heads off.

6 thoughts on “Poop on what?!

  1. I guess “Bah Humbug” takes on a new meaning now! I love that children do say the darndest things. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. We know the feeling well. Remember Jennie calling your Dad a turd????? Still laughing. At least she didn’t say poop on Daddy.

  3. You might want to remind him on Christmas that he said he wanted to poop on Christmas, so he needs to use the potty that day. Just a thought, making him follow up on what he said he wanted to do.