Christmas Tree

Today we put up the Christmas tree. It was a family affair. Alex helped for the first time. Typical for a three-almost-four year old, he was not very patient while Daddy put the lights on the tree. Next year we’ll have to remember to put the lights on the night before so Alex doesn’t have to wait for that part. He did pretty well for his first time. After a few ornaments fell to the ground, he started learning that some branches just won’t hold ornaments. Jenna helped guide him a little bit. (We still ended up with three ornaments on one branch!) Beth “helped” by being underfoot. 🙂

Mom finished Beth’s Stocking, which arrived yesterday afternoon:

All the stockings together (Eric, Shannon, Jenna, Alex, Beth)

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. We put up our tree today. Mom and dad did most of it while I was sleeping, and then I put out some of my own ornaments later. I hope Beth wasn’t literally underfoot, babies don’t like being stepped on.

  2. And the stockings were hung above the sofa with care. With hopes that St. Nicolas , soon would be there! ?? Wait a minute – you need a fireplace to make this match the poem. Great pictures! Wish I was there to share in the memories.

  3. Mom made all of the stockings. Mine was made many, many years ago, when I was in my teens. Eric and Jenna both got theirs in 2004. Alex got his for his first Christmas, in 2006, and now Beth got hers for her first Christmas. Fortunately for mom, I had both of the kids early in the year so she had at least 11 months to work on them.