Another day with Alex

Because of the holiday’s, Alex’s days with Mama got moved around a bit, so this one came only two weeks after the last one. It also went a little better than the last one.

We started out the day with a haircut for Alex at 9am. Which meant we left the house at 8:40 because the kiddie haircut place that I like is 20 minutes away. And we just had to play for 10 minutes after the haircut. The only thing that got him out of there without tears is that I told him I had a surprise for him.

Then we went, for the first time, to the open gym at Midwest Twisters, a gymnastics studio. We got there about 10:15 and didn’t leave until it closed at 11:30. Alex got to go in a bouncy thing that you had to use a rope to help crawl up the “ladder” and then slide down the slide. They also had balance beams, pommel horses, trampolines, and a swinging “trapeze” that went over a foam pit. I think the idea was to try and get to the other side. Most kids just let go and fell into the pit. Alex did that many, many times.

Then we went to Woodman’s and picked up a few groceries. I did this before lunch because I needed cash and I knew I could get cash back on my debit card.

Then we went to Wendy’s and had lunch. Alex actually ate all of his chicken nuggets and all of his mandarin oranges. I haven’t seen him eat a whole meal like that in several months.

When we came home it was about 1:00. We (as in I!) took a short break after running around all morning. Alex went in the basement to play trains.

By this point, it was getting close to nap time. But the day before, I had told Alex that he could make cookies with Mama. That morning, he decided he wanted to make muffins instead. Since he was not cranky, I decided to let him stay up. We made Cinnamon Apple Muffins. When we were at the store, Alex wanted green apples, so our muffins have neon green apple pieces. I really didn’t think that would make a difference, but I was surprised that they didn’t cook to the clear color that our usual apples do.

After that, Alex played on the computer for a while and then it was time to pick up Beth from daycare. Overall, it was a very nice day. I have one more Friday with him before I start working Fridays again. After that, I’ll probably take the occasional Friday off so that I can take them each out of daycare and spend a day with them.

3 thoughts on “Another day with Alex

  1. Good idea about the occasional Fridays off. That way they each get one on one, and you get some needed one on one time, too. It’s amazing how fast they grow up, and how precious the memories of that time will be.

  2. One on one time is always enjoyable because there is no compition for your affection. Kids sometimes want moms all to themselves. You are a terrific mom Shannon.

    Love, Aunt Lynn