We’ve switched Beth to milk. She started refusing formula during the day at Barb’s about three weeks ago. Then she stopped drinking it at home. One day last weekend she got Alex’s sippy cup of chocolate milk. Eric helped her drink from it and she went to town. Sunday we gave her her own cup of milk and skipped the bottles and she was drinking it fine. So rather than continue to send bottles of formula that she wasn’t drinking, we told Barb to try some milk. Instead of drinking nothing all day, now she’s drinking about 6-8 ounces of milk. She eats tons of food, so I’m not worried about her not getting enough. After three days of no formula at daycare, I started sending an extra container of fruit and one more ounce of yogurt. She always ate it all. She still takes her bedtime bottle of formula, so for now she’ll continue to get that.

I really wonder some days about my kids. I really don’t care for milk at all and it now seems that both my children love the stuff. Alex actually prefers it to juice. But it’s way better that they like milk than not like it.

4 thoughts on “Milk

  1. When I was young, Shannon, I didn’t like milk. Now I love it. Chocolate is the best but you can’t beat the chocolate chip cookie and white milk combo.

  2. I have always loved chocolate milk. Not real big on white milk but Aunt Mary Ellen is right cookies and milk are always a great combo. The children know what they like and will always let you know…somehow!

    Love, Aunt Lynn