Last night I met a co-worker and her 3-year old little girl, Adrianna, at Chuck-E-Cheese’s. It went fairly well. Alex was a bit hyper. (Go figure!) Of my 20 credits, Beth got to ride two rides and Alex got 18 rides/games.

We believe that Alex rubbed off on Adrianna bit. Lisa had said that Adrianna didn’t like stuff that moves. But after watching Alex ride something that goes up and down based on how fast you pedal (or mama pedals when your legs are too short!), she said she wanted to ride it. After that, she rode several moving things and they ran out of credits at the same time we did. So I guess my son can be a good influence.

This was Alex’s second visit, having gone once when he was a little over a year old (with Jenna). This was Beth’s first trip. Beth, obviously, was a little young, but she was a good girl for me. We got pizza and somehow managed to get Alex to eat his one piece while I wolfed down two pieces and fed Beth. Then it was back to the games.

I even have photographic evidence:

6 thoughts on “Chuck-E-Cheese

  1. This is so cute. I can’t get over how much Alex looks like you Shannon. At least I see you as a young child every time I look at his pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I agree with Aunt Mary Ellen – he looks SO much like shannon at that age! Wish I was there to watch them play.

  3. OMG – he does look like me!

    Not only does Beth look less than thrilled – that was her second ride since the first one had no paper. They changed it for me and then gave us another ride.

    Personally, it takes too long for it to take the picture and the kids gets distracted by all the buttons.

  4. He sure does look like his Mama. Even though We see Eric in him, too, there are times he is the spitting image of you. Uncanny!! Beth may be less than thrilled now, but wait until next year when she beats up her ” little” brother in order to get to the ride first! (Older brother, but little all the same, get it?)