A muffin!

Last night I heard Alex whining at his door about 9:30. I went in and he wanted to sleep with us. Which he hasn’t been allowed to do in quite some time now, but it doesn’t stop him from asking once in a while. So I told him no and went in to tuck him back into bed. The first thing I did was turn off the overhead fan, which Alex had insisted Eric turned on, full speed. It was freezing in there. I told Alex he couldn’t have it on or his little toes would freeze. He didn’t like that idea and wanted to put his socks back on. So we put his socks on and I told him he had to go to sleep now. Just then, the timer on my muffins went off. I told Alex I had to go check on my muffins.

Alex: “Muffins?”
Me: “Yes, muffins. You can have one for breakfast in the morning.”
Alex: “I can have a muffin?!”
Me: “Yes, but you have to go to sleep first.”
Alex: “OK, I will”

And he promptly crawled right into bed! (And stayed there all night.)

Oh, the power of bribery!

2 thoughts on “A muffin!

  1. It continues to work into the teenage years, when they want to borrow the car on Friday night and you want their room clean!