I finally understand why my parents always went a little overboard at Christmas. This is the first year that I had so many ideas for Alex that it was hard to decide what to get and what not to. And then, of course, this would be the first year that Alex actually asks for something specific. And, of course, he waits until after I’m done shopping to do it. For the third day in a row, Alex announced that he wants “a washer”. Which I figured out on the first day means an engine wash for his train set. “You put the engine in and push it through and it gets clean.”, he told me when I asked him to explain. He saw one in the layout at the library and now he keeps asking for it. I felt so bad for the kid, knowing that it wasn’t an unreasonable request, that I ended up going online and buying one last night. Now I have to figure out if I’m taking something else back or if he’s just going to have yet one more present this year. But dang it, it’s Alex’s first year of understanding Santa, and I just couldn’t allow Santa to let him down.

That same little boy is going to burst waiting for Christmas to come. He said he was going downstairs this morning. A second later he came to me crying that it was too dark. I said no one had gone downstairs yet, so of course it’s still dark. “But I have to go get my presents!” he wailed. I had to explain that there are no presents yet because Santa isn’t coming until next week.

There are absolutely no presents under the tree right now (even the ones Mom & Dad sent last week) because I know that there is no way we would keep Alex out of them!

7 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. I’m glad you finally understand Christmas from our point of view. We spent a lot of time and effort balancing packages and money because we would find something for one kid, then have to balance out the rest. We also didn’t buy you kids alot of stuff during the course of the year. None of this “If you’re good, I’ll buy you something” nonsense. You just were expected to behave in the stores, and you kids did. Christmas was always Grandma and Grampa V’s time to splurge, I guess I learned that from them, and passed it on to your Dad. Have fun splurging. P.S. I vote that you don’t waste the time and effort to take anything back. Just enjoy. When you were 3 we had to run around and find a “Mickey Mouse Roller Coaster” that you kept asking for.

  2. My kids don’t know what they want, so we are off the hook for another year 🙂 Damien still thinks it’s Halloween, lol.

  3. I am inclined to just keep them. It would be easier if I could save something for his birthday, but that’s already been bought too. Oh well, now I have to figure out how to tell Eric I bought him something else!

  4. Wrap it up and don’t tell him. When he sees it tell him Santa must have brought it!

  5. I could easily go broke buying for your kids. There are so many cute things that I think Alex would love, or Jenna would get a kick out of, but my budget is pretty tight. Aunt Leigh needs to win the lotto so she can spoil your kids rotten!