Getting Barb into trouble

One day recently at daycare, Alex almost got Barb into trouble. Barb has periodic, unannounced “visits” by the city to keep her certification up. So one day, the doorbell rang. Barb put Alex down in the playpen to answer it. It was her quarterly visit. The lady came in and immediately told Barb that “she’s not supposed to put a child that age down on his tummy unattended.” Only problem was, when Barb put Alex down, he was on his back. By the time they got back into the room, less than a minute later, he had rolled onto his tummy. Barb immediately turned him over, trying to explain this. The lady did not believe that Alex could roll over. Fortunately for all concerned, before the half-hour visit was over, Alex was very helpful and rolled himself back onto his tummy to prove to the lady that he could indeed roll himself over onto his tummy.

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