OK, I will

This morning Alex was a bit ornery. When I told him that he needed to wear his hat, he resisted. And then he actually took the hat off his head and was about to throw it on the ground. I said “Alex, do I need to take Bunny and Teddy away or are you going to wear your hat?”. Alex said, in a very resigned voice, “OK, I will” and put his hat back on.

2 thoughts on “OK, I will

  1. Very good! You’ve learned that black mail is the most effective way to coax a toddler into doing what you want. Next time he doesn’t poop in the potty tell him bunnyteddy don’t want to play with someone stinky.

  2. Ya know, your sister has an idea with the potty thing. But we are glad to learn that he bows to blackmail!