My butt fits

(Yes, I know I missed a day. At the point that I remembered, my Internet connection went down. After that, I totally forgot.)

Yesterday I got the potty chair back that I loaned to Susan. I put it in the basement because we had moved that one into Alex’s bedroom. So Eric and Alex went downstairs.
Alex: “I got a new potty chair!”
Eric: “Yes we did.”
Alex: “Let’s see if it fits my butt!”
After Eric helped Alex get his pants and underwear off Alex said, “It fits!”

3 thoughts on “My butt fits

  1. Glad to know his butt fits. Hope he continues to find pleasure with the little things in life.

  2. These are all the precious moments you have documented that will never be forgotten. I get increasingly sentimental in my “old age” so I want you to never forget these moments. I know I have forgotten LOTS of things from my kids and from the nieces and nephews from years past. I hope you can print off some of this to keep in case the internet site ever goes away. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. Fortunately, we pay for the website, so hopefully we can afford to keep it up and running for a long time yet. But just in case, WordPress does have a way to backup files, so every so often I back it up and keep it on my hard-drive.