Chinese Wedding Reception (now with photo)

Today we attended a wedding reception for my co-worker, Tao. Tao got married in China back in Sept, but had a reception today for his American friends and family. We took both kids, plus Jenna. Basically we sat at tables and ate Chinese food for 2 hours. They were bringing food out so fast at the beginning that we didn’t have time to actually eat it. And that of course, was all the worse for me because I had Alex on one side of me and Beth on the other, so in between trying to feed them, I got a few mouthfuls. It settled down about about 40 minutes of serving, but man, it was hectic until then. Taking both kids was not plan A. It wasn’t even plan B.

Plan A was to get a babysitter for both kids. Our usual sitters were not available.

Plan B was that Susan was going to watch Beth and we would take Alex with us. She did not think she could handle 3 kids at once (she had her own 2 year old to watch), but two was do-able, especially with one not able to get into much (hah,hah). Unfortunately, Susan got sick a few days ago and was not able to watch her. We made the final determination at 11am this morning and left for the reception at noon, getting there only 30 minutes late.

Plan C was to take both kids with us. Remarkably, they were both very good. Elizabeth only cried once, and that was when everyone laughed unexpectedly during the toasts and it scared her. Other than that she wined a bit when I forgot to feed her fast enough and threw toys on the floor, but overall, for an infant, she was great. Alex ate a little bit (starting with the popcorn I brought for him), played a bit with the toys we brought, then started crawling under the table towards Eric. To be fair, he stayed under our table and did not start taking subterranean treks to other tables. But once he popped up in the lap of the guy next to Eric, which was both embarrassing and funny at the same time. The guy was a good sport about it. After that I cracked out my last resort – my iPod Nano loaded with 118 Sesame Street podcast (with video!). That worked even better than I hoped and kept him in his chair and quiet for a good 30 minutes, until it was time to leave. He didn’t have any potty-related accidents, and even pooped a little in the potty while we were there. Which of course he announced to the table when we got back. Fortunately it was so loud that no one but me could hear him. Eric asked what he said and I said “Well, he’ll get a sucker when we get home.” Eric just smiled and said “OK”.

12/17/2009 update
Tao gave me a picture today that they took as we were getting ready to leave:

5 thoughts on “Chinese Wedding Reception (now with photo)

  1. Naturally after all this time and effort, he has to announce himself. He obviously knew to be proud of his accomplishment and wanted to share with everyone. Glad Beth behaved.

  2. Most folks who have kids laugh when little ones announce their potty success. When David was about 5 we were in church. We always sat in the third row. David got up and started to the back. I whispered where are you going. He said really loud I have to pee. The entire congreation laughed while I turned red.