Alex’s day with Mama

I usually have Alex home with me one Friday out of four while Beth is at daycare. I try to take him somewhere special and spend some time with him. I postponed his day from last week so that we could spend last Friday with Jenna and no little kids. His next day is pushed up a week because of Christmas, so I’ve got him again in two weeks. Good thing. Unfortunately for Alex, today turned into a bit of an appt day, but I did squeeze in a trip to McDonald’s.

We started the morning running to my hairdresser so I could get my bangs trimmed. Last minute thing scheduled today (because they have been driving me nuts all week).

Then Alex had a dentist appt, at which he did very well. It’s his second, so it was so old hat that he got lost in the Clifford cartoon that was playing and kept closing his mouth. They said everything looks good.

Then we came home and played some Mousetrap, which of course just consists of setting it up and then setting it off multiple times.

Then we went to McDonald’s for an hour. Alex had fun running around the indoor playland with another little boy while Mama had a leisurely lunch. The other little boy got an ice cream cone, at which point Alex wanted one too. Hey, at 49 cents, who am I to argue.? He sat and ate about half of it and then ran off again. I should mention that he ate a bunch of animal crackers before we left, so I didn’t even bother getting him anything to eat. I did get him a chocolate milk.

Then it was off to pick Beth up and head for the doctor’s office for the second time this week. H1N1 flu shot time. Alex was less than thrilled, but he didn’t fight me going in. I was envisioning having to carry them both all the way down the hall to the office. He cried this time, but got over it quick and went back to his toy. Beth cried less this time than on Tuesday. But then Alex didn’t want to leave the office and that was a bit of a crying session.

Then it was back to Barb’s to drop off Beth and Alex and I came home. We played with the Happy Meal toy he talked me into as we were leaving (there’s a cheeseburger waiting for him for dinner). He ate his Apple Dippers and then it was naptime. Mama has been resting after a hectic day.

And another one of his big words came up today: Beautiful. As in Mama’s new haircut is beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Alex’s day with Mama

  1. Shannon, I really commend you for taking time with Alex like this. It is all too easy when you have two young children to become consumed in the day to day things that have to get done and not really spend any quality time with the children. I speak from experience. Looking back, I don’t think I did much quality one on one with Bob. He was 20 months old when Nikki was born and being at home with them all day still didn’t lend itself to my focusing on one or the other as individuals. I wish I had. I did get to spend more time with Nikki when we were on the farm and she was not yet in school. But then a lot of the time I had Heidi too so, again, no one on one as much as I would have liked. But somehow they turned out ok. Keep up the good work. You are an excellent mom.

    Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fun day, flu shots, dentists, and doctors non-withstanding! The ice cream makes up for being prodded with sharp instruments against your will.

  3. Leigh used beautiful instead of pretty. Very precocious, watch out! Sounds like you both had a good day. It’s important to have this time one on one, when ever you can. I know Alex will appreciate it. Babies kind of take over and there never seems to be time for the other kids.

  4. Shannon,

    Mary Ellen is correct. We often look back and say to ourselves why didn’t I spend more time with them when they were small. How often do we say “gosh where did the time go? They are growing up so fast!” Enjoy every moment you can with your children. So often we wish those moments were still with us. When you become old you will want to say to your children, “I loved every moment I spent with you”.

    You are a wonderful mom, Love Aunt Lynn