Flu shots

Alex is definitely growing up. We went in last night for their regular flu shots. On the way, I decided that I should tell Alex rather than springing it on him in the waiting room.

Mama: “Alex, remember how the Berenstain Bears had to go to the doctor for a checkup?”
Alex: “Yes”
Mama: “And they had to get a shot to help keep them from getting sick?”
Alex: “Yes”
Mama: “Well, you and Beth need to get a shot today to help keep you from getting sick.”
Alex: “OK”

We did Alex’s first so Beth’s crying wouldn’t scare him. He was a big boy, didn’t squirm (although I saw him tense up), and he didn’t cry at all! I was amazed. I expected at least a few seconds of crying. Afterwards he picked out a Cars sticker for himself and a My Little Pony sticker for Beth.

Sure hope Friday goes this well. They’re scheduled for their H1N1 flu shot.

3 thoughts on “Flu shots

  1. Shots for a kid are always a “tense up” situation. As far as not crying, He’s growing up faster than you can imagine. Your Mother & I were just discussing the fact that He will be FOUR on his next B-Day. Where does the time go? Love you, Dad

  2. Good job, Alex! We got the nasal spray version of the vaccine for Damien and Sergey, so only Xavier got the shot. He calmed down after a few seconds, fortunately.

  3. I was just grateful to be getting their flu shots since they were supposed to get them 5 weeks ago. I wasn’t even going to ask about the nasal one. Plus they’re still recovering from that cold, so the nasal one probably wasn’t a good idea away, since that’s live virus. Beth cried for about a minute, but we distracted her with food. 🙂

    And yes Dad, I can’t believe he’s going to be four already! Only in the last few months, though, has he suddenly seemed to be growing up. The progress in potty training probably triggered it, because that’s about the time it started going too fast.