Big Words

Alex has acquired some pretty big words lately. These include “Stupendous” & “Awesome”. Pretty sure there’s more, so I’ll just have to update this as I remember them.

He also uses the word “gently”. (He hears us telling that to Beth when she’s pulling hair or clawing at our faces.) Only it sounds more like “Gent-ill-ly” when he says it.

6 thoughts on “Big Words

  1. Oh the wonder of children talking…..then they become teenagers and you wish they would shut up! Ha Ha. Just kidding. I love it when children start saying things you never expected them to. Katie walked into the room one day and said “What the Heck???” Not sure why she did, but it was funny just the same. Keep sharing with us….it’s fun to watch Alex & Beth grow through your website blogs and pictures. By the way, I loved the video of Beth crawling and Alex narrating it! Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. We think it is awesome that he is using words like stupendous. If you wait a minute We could manage to come up with something stupendous to say! Keep him away from Bill, though, he teaches children words that are neither awesome or stupendous. (But they are frequently used and he did teach them to use it in the right context!)

  3. I love that you share all this with us. Since I have never seen the children in person it is fun to hear how they are growing up. You do a great job of keeping us posted on each of their progress.

    Love all of you,
    Aunt Lynn

  4. I’m sure auntie Leigh is eventually going to teach Alex a colorful word or two. Which he’ll then introduce to Beth’s vocabulary. And then blame bill and his taste in movies for it.