Little People

Beth likes to play with Alex’s Little People. More specifically, she like to put the bald ones into her mouth. Not the ones with hair or hats, just the bald ones. She’ll turn towards you and have one of the short ones almost totally engulfed in her mouth. I finally confiscated all of the bald ones to try and prevent this. Sure enough, I witnessed Elizabeth putting one little person after another into her mouth looking for one that felt “right”. She wouldn’t leave any of the remaining ones in her mouth.

I should probably mention that I got these little people from ebay. They’re the old-time ones, not the great big oversized ones they sell now. Pretty soon I’ll move all of them out of her reach. I’ll have to make room near Christmas for all the new stuff, so these will migrate somewhere where she can’t get them unsupervised.

2 thoughts on “Little People

  1. It’s cute that she has a “mouth feel” for the toy she wants to chew on. I don’t think we’ve ever heard of a baby with a specific little people fetish!