Say Cheese

Alex was taking pictures of us tonight with the camera he got last Christmas. Whenever Eric is taking pictures, he tells everyone to say “Kwee-ah-ka-ha-nic” simply because it’s such a funny word that everyone smiles. It’s a mouthful for Alex, but he’s had enough practice that he’s gotten pretty good at saying it.

Alex: “Daddy, say Kwee-ah-ka-ha-nic”
Daddy: “Kwee-ah-ka-ha-nic”
Camera flashes.

Alex: “Mommy, say Kwee-ah-ka-ha-nic”
Mommy: “Kwee-ah-ka-ha-nic”
Camera flashes.

Alex: “Beth, say Kwee-ah-ka-ha-nic”
Beth just smiled at him. (Yes, she actually smiled – she loves it when Alex plays with her.)
Camera flashes.

Next thing we know, Alex is pointing the camera at his sippy cup full of milk.
Alex: “Say Cheese, Milk”
Camera flashes.

Eric and I totally cracked up.

3 thoughts on “Say Cheese

  1. We can tell that all those “Kodak” moments that you’ve missed in the past will now be captured by Alex.

  2. Just wait until Alex is able to get Beth in on the fun! I’m sure those two together will keep you laughing.

    Love, Aunt Lynn