Steps are fun!

Alex loves going up the steps. He started doing this just a few short weeks after starting to walk, so he was about 10 months old. Now, going up the steps is something to be done at every opportunity. The gate went on the bottom of the steps within days of us realizing he could go up them.

We got very lucky recently. Eric and I were finishing up dinner one night while Alex wandered around playing. Suddenly I realized that I couldn’t hear Alex. I asked Eric if he knew where Alex was. Nope. Called Alex’s name hoping for some noise. Nothing. Got up and looked in the parlor. No Alex. In the foyer. No Alex. In the kitchen. No Alex. OK, so he’s in the pantry. Nope. Back into the foyer where I spot the open gate at the bottom of the steps. “Oh my gosh”, I cried. “What?”, Eric said. “The gate!” I raced up the stairs expecting to run into Alex part of the way up, around the bend. Nope. Alex is all the way upstairs playing in the bathroom.

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