There was a bunny in the alley this morning when Alex got there. Neither Eric nor I saw the bunny, but Alex said it was there. We asked him where the bunny went. He walked down the alley, looking for the bunny. “There he is”, he cried. Sure enough, there was the bunny. He had gone up the stairs leading to our backyard. Unfortunately for him, the gate was closed and the only way out was back the way he had came. Alex decided to go up and see the bunny. I could see the bunny getting agitated as Alex got closer. It was frantically trying to see if there were any opening in the gate it could squeeze through. Nope. Suddenly the bunny darts one way, realizes that Alex is there and leaps the other way, toward the 8 ft fence. It had no hope of scaling it! But that rabbit jumped at least as high as Alex is tall. When it landed, it realized that Alex was behind it and the way down the stairs was now open. It beelined down the stairs, almost ran into me (laughing at the bottom), darted around me and took off down the alley. It took me several minutes to stop laughing. I felt bad for the bunny because it was so scared, but man, it was a funny site. Would have loved to send that video to America’s Funniest Home Videos!

4 thoughts on “Bunny

  1. Never a camera around when you need it. Did the bunny run in circles like Lucky?

  2. Lucky is Mom and Dad’s dog. He’s run in circles multiple times when Alex was following him. Alex wasn’t really chasing him, per se, since he wasn’t really trying to catch him.

    And no, the bunny did not run in circles. But he jumps higher than Lucky.