As long as I’m posting about what Alex is doing at this moment, I should include Beth. Beth is currently in the walker, watching me type and chewing on toys. She’s a much happier baby now that she can sit upright in things. As long as you stay in the room with her, she will last a while w/o being held. She even spent about 15 minutes on the floor earlier after Eric left to go do something and I was making dinner. She was lying there chewing on one of Alex’s trains. Then I could hear her playing with Mr. Banana. Next time I came in, she was on her tummy. She didn’t like that too much, though, and didn’t last long before crying.

3 thoughts on “Beth

  1. Good news about the train thing, since her room is eventually going to be a train room with her bed positioned underneath.

  2. sounds like she is really a happy little girl. give her a kiss for me.

    love, aunt lynn

  3. After six months, she finally stopped crying? Well, bring her back! We’ll take it from here.