Thomas the Blue Train

Alex is currently playing trains in the other room. He’s brought up a collection from the basement. I can hear him in there talking to the trains and talking as the trains. The trains are named for characters from Thomas & Friends. Thomas, Diesel, James, Percy. I love the fact that he’s entertaining himself and that he seems to have a great imagination.

5 thoughts on “Thomas the Blue Train

  1. We can always bring his train table upstairs to replace the dining room table. There’s nothing wrong with eating Japanese style! Better yet, Grandpa can build you another table to put in the living room.

  2. Can always count on some humor in grandma and grandpa’s replies. Just hope your living room is big enough for another table!

    Aunt Lynn

  3. Nope, no room in the living room for the table. It’s tiny! I’ve thought about bringing he table up several times, but we simply do not have room for it on the main level, and Alex’s room is already cramped. And will get worse when we try to move Beth in with him.

  4. Grandpa & grandma are bringing a full set of tools with them for their trip. I am certain that if you just say the word they can remove the wall between the Dining Room and the Living Room. With just a little more wall removed in the pantry Alex can run his trains full circle around the house.

  5. Way to go Uncle Dave! Just say the word, Shannon, and we can come back and do the remodel for you. We will, naturally be bringing Uncle Dave with us, since it was his idea. And he’s gotten really good at demo work.