Dressing Himself

Alex picked out his clothes this morning for the first time. He came into our bedroom where I was getting dressed asking for help. He was trying to get a pair of shorts on. I realized that he hadn’t changed his diaper, so we headed into his room, where I discovered that he had also gotten out a new diaper and a shirt. We changed his diaper and he put his shorts on. Then I tried to get him to wear the shirt I picked out, but he was having no part of it – he wanted the one he picked out. OK, fine. So Alex went to daycare today, with a forecasted temperature of 76 degrees, wearing shorts and a long sleeved shirt. 🙂 I sent a second shirt with him.

He’s been putting his pajamas and his clothes on every day since that first time. Sometimes it’s hard watching him struggle (and I still have to fix the waistband of his pants), but I know that he needs to learn this, so I stand back and watch him figure it out. I’ve only had to step in once. And he’s so proud of him self when he’s done. And he’s getting faster everyday.

5 thoughts on “Dressing Himself

  1. These are proud moments for a parent when their child starts to become independent. It can also be a sad moment as they seem to need us less and less. But don’t despair 🙂 even as adults, I know our children still need us from time to time. So just enjoy this accomplishment. And good job Alex.


    Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Aunt Mary Ellen always seems to say just the right things!

    Alex, you just keep doing a good job picking those clothes out and be proud of each of your accomplishments! Some day you may help mom pick out Beth’s clothes to wear!


    Aunt Lynn

  3. Actually, Alex picked out Elizabeth’s clothes one day when she was about two months old. She wore a frilly dress to daycare. Not what I would normally have dressed her in.

  4. And I think I may move his short-sleeved shirts into the drawer where he can reach them to make it easier. The long-sleeved shirts had been stored in the drawer and his short-sleeved shirts were hanging in the closet where he can’t reach.

  5. Way to go Alex! Now you really are getting to be a big boy.
    Oh, and Mom, now you know why most mothers fold clothes into a drawer, rather than hang everything. Makes it easier for a short person to help themselves!