Beth rolled over yesterday. This time it was from back to front. She rolled front to back two months ago, but actually hasn’t done it since. Eric was with her this time and was the only one to witness it.

4 thoughts on “Rolling

  1. Every new moment with a baby is precious. Enjoy watching her grow. One day you will be reading her blogs (or the latest technology) and wondering – how did this come so FAST 🙂

    Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Children are true gifts to us. Every moment you spend with them is unpredictable and something to look forward to. Every smile, laugh or even cry is something you don’t want to miss. Treasure every moment you have with her. Give Beth a kiss from her Aunt Lynn and tell her to keep us the good work.

  3. Alex had the courtesy to roll over for the first time when Grandma & Grandpa could watch. Oh, wait a minute, If I remember right he rolled over while we were eating dinner and nobody got to see it!