4th of July

So as of noon on Friday, we had no definite plans for the 4th of July. Did we want to go to the parade? Were Paul and Susan going to accept our invite for dinner? Were we going to the fireworks? We found out about 1:30 that our neighbors would indeed be joining us for our cookout. We sure ended up having a busy day for having no plans!

I got up with Beth around 6am. Alex joined us about 7:30. I got Eric up at 8:15 so that he could run to the farmer’s market before the parade started because the parade runs a block from our house and it gets tricky getting back. When he got home we decided we were not up to the parade. Within an hour, we were in the backyard, Alex in the pool. A bit later, our neighbor’s grandson, Zach, joined us. They had a lot of fun, an amazingly, no fights occurred.

So then we had lunch. Eric took Alex to the store – he originally was going to take Beth, but Alex wanted to go. Beth took a nap and I got some cleaning done. When Eric got back, it was naptime for Alex, which he didn’t want to take. But I told him that he wouldn’t get to play with Cindy if he didn’t take his nap. He settled down and must have been excited because he woke up himself around 4:30 instead of us having to wake him at 5. We decided to make Strawberry Shortcake for dinner with the strawberries Eric had bought at the farmer’s market. So Eric went back to the store for a few more ingredients.

Around 5:30, Paul and Susan arrived with their daughter, Cindy. We all headed for the backyard. Susan had not brought Cindy’s swimsuit because she decided it was too cold. Problem was, Alex wanted to go in the pool, and it wasn’t that cold, so I let him. Eventually Cindy went in, with instructions not to sit and get her clothes wet. That didn’t work out (go figure!) and Susan ended up letting her run naked. She borrowed a pair of shorts to go home in. We got the kids out of the pool after about an hour because it was dinner time. They both ate well. We’ve discovered that Alex really likes watermelon. By the time we went inside, Alex had eaten 5 small slices and was covered in juice! Good thing were were outside.

I even got a picture of Paul holding Beth and Cindy coming in for a kiss:

We hung out inside for about an hour, and then Paul and Susan were leaving for the fireworks. Eric and I had decided we didn’t feel up to chasing Alex and Beth was too young to go. But Alex heard them and said “I wanna go fireworks too!”. So Eric stayed home with Beth and I took Alex to our other friend’s house a block away to watch the fireworks. They started within 5 minutes of us getting there. Alex kept up a running commentary of “Oooh!”, “Oh my!”, “Wow”, & “Ka-boom!” during the entire 25 minute show. I was very glad I took him because he was so enthralled with them. Unfortunately, Cindy did not enjoy the booms and Paul ended up taking her home.

At one point during the fireworks, Alex turned to me and said “Mama, you’re the best friend ever!”.

5 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. Wish we could have been there for the “Ooohs and Aws”. As far as Alex and watermelon, Great Grandpa would be proud. He bought two this week alone!

  2. Yeah, if only we had know about the watermelon, we could have had one while we were there! Or two. Or three. (Great-Grandpa did come over several times.)

  3. Thanks for sharing your 4th of July with us. Sounds like you had a great day! Any day you get to spend with family, friends and children is a great day. Give Alex and Beth a kiss from their Aunt Lynn.