Watering the tomatoes

There was one last story from Ohio that happened while we were at the movie on Thursday. Mom and Dad just recently told me about it. So here’s the story, in my Dad’s words:

Alex and I were watering the tomato plants and Alex said “Me do it.” I handed him the hose and for a brief moment he watered the tomato plants. Then he turned the hose on Grandpa and watered him instead. When I said something about watering the plants, he just giggled and turned the hose on me again. He also managed to water Aunt Leigh.

4 thoughts on “Watering the tomatoes

  1. Cute kid. He was thoroughly amused, I think he very much inherited the Bischof-Verbeck sense of humor.

  2. Darn!! Now I owe Alex 1$ for getting Leigh with the water hose – if it was Holy Water it would have been 5$.

  3. I just wish I had seen the Soggy Bischof Family (Ed and Leigh) while they were being watered! Much joy in watching someone else get sprinkled.

  4. I am glad you all have a sense of humor! I would love to have seen if granpa grew any after watering…ha ha

    Love, Aunt Lynn