Vacation Wrap-up

The last part of our vacation went by very quickly.

Sunday my grandparents came over again. Alex kept calling my grandfather “Great Great Grandpa” (adding in an extra great!).

Monday Eric and I got to see our 2nd movie of the year: Terminator Salvation, which we enjoyed. Mom and Dad took all three kids to the park and then out for ice cream afterwards. When we got back, Alex kept asking to play “the ball game”. At first I couldn’t figure out what he wanted, then I realized he wanted to play a game called “Luxor” on the computer. In the game you have to shoot balls at a “snake” that’s winding it’s way towards an exit. Three or more of the same color caused them to disappear.

Tuesday we all went to Aunt Mary Ellen’s house and went swimming: Mom, Dad, Leigh, Aunt Carole, Eric, Jenna, Alex, Beth, and me. Half-way there Alex declared “I want to go home” because the drive was so long. But he was fine once we got there and we all had a really good time. We had the perfect weather for swimming: 80 degrees, but a nice breeze and cool in the shade for those who weren’t in the pool. Alex got to go off the three slides many, many times. Fortunately he only went under the water a couple of times because he got really upset when he got dunked. We even took Beth in for 20 minutes or so. She seemed to like the water too. Alex also found time to totally trash the toy room.

Wednesday we decided to go mini-golfing with the kids. Half-way there Alex said “I want to go swimming”. But he enjoyed his first experience with mini-golf. I opted not to play and had Beth in the Baby Bjorn. Eric and Alex played first and finished the course about 4 holes ahead of everyone else. Mom, Dad, Leigh and Jenna played a four-some behind them.

Wednesday night Grandma & Grandpa came over again for dinner. Alex decided to entertain us. He turned on the music from the Sit-N-Spin and proceeded to dance for us. When he was done, we all clapped. He took a bow. Then we did it all again. This time when he took his bow, he said “Thank you, Thank you.”

Thursday Eric and I got to see our 3rd movie of the year: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We took Jenna with us this time. We all enjoyed that movie as well. Mom and Dad took Alex and Beth to the park again. Half-way there Alex wanted to go swimming again. Then he wanted to go golfing again. It was so hot at the park that they left after 20 minutes because the equipment was too hot to play on. (Had they known, they would have gone golfing instead.) They ended up taking a plastic tub and filling it with water as a pool for Alex in the backyard. He apparently played with Leigh for quite a while in that.

Thursday night after dinner, we left, getting home at 3am. We all went to bed. Beth didn’t even wake up, so I left her in her carseat to sleep. She woke up about 5:30am. She did go back to sleep after nursing, but was awake again at 6:30. At which point I got her dressed and gave her to Eric. Then I woke a very unwilling Alex, who had only slept for 2 hours in the car. I got him dressed and then took both kids to daycare. I went back to bed when I got home and slept until 10:30. Jenna got up at noon. Eric had gotten up around 9:30. We didn’t pick the kids up until 5, so we had a quiet, restful afternoon just goofing off. After unloading the van, of course.

3 thoughts on “Vacation Wrap-up

  1. I REALLY enjoyed having you all here. Thank you for including my home as part of your vacation plans. You are always welcome here. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I wished I could have joined you at Aunt Mary Ellen’s house. Would love to have seen all of you. Even though I may have to put someone on the floor in sleeping bags, you also are welcome at my home anytime you visit Texas.

    Thanks for sharing your vacation with me even though it was through the e-mail.

    Love, Aunt Lynn