High Bed

Yesterday when I put Alex down for his nap, he didn’t want to sleep on his bed, which is the trundle bed still low to the ground. He wanted to sleep in Jenna’s bed. So he napped in Jenna’s bed. That night, Alex wanted Jenna’s bed again. So I talked to Eric and then mom. Eric to make sure he wasn’t concerned about Alex sleeping on a full-height bed. Mom to help put the trundle up to full height. Alex was happy and went to bed without a problem in his own bed. So far, he hasn’t even tried to get out of his room after being put down for a nap or bedtime. We turned the doorknob around so we could lock him in if we had problems keeping him in. This morning he was sitting in bed, sucking his thumb, quiet as a mouse when I peeked in. I motioned him out quietly so Jenna could sleep.

One thought on “High Bed

  1. Glad no problems at the moment. Children go through so many stages while growing up. I remember when Jeffery had his first big bed which was a captain’s bed (drawers under the bed). He did fine sleeping in it and thought he was big stuff because his bed was high. Give Alex a hug and kiss from me and Beth too.

    Love, Aunt Lynn