We arrived at my parents house at 5am local time (4am our time). Although Alex had not slept well in the car, he was raring to play. Fortunately for us, Mom got up when we got here. I fed Beth while Eric went to bed. Jenna tried to go to bed, but couldn’t sleep and came back out. I finished with Beth and gave her to Mom. By this time Leigh had joined the group of people who were awake. I went to bed, leaving them with both Alex and Beth. Mom (and I!) figured he’d play for an hour or two and then be ready to sleep.

Mom got Beth to sleep after they put the Pack-n-Play in Leigh’s room. Leigh went back to bed as well. She got up an hour later when Beth started crying. She swore she could sleep through crying baby, but she found out otherwise. 🙂 About an three hours after I went to bed, I heard Beth crying and realized all the formula was in the car. I came up to nurse her. When I hit the top of the stairs, I realized that there was formula in the diaper bag, if anyone thought to look. Turns out that Mom had. She had fed Beth formula an hour and a half previously and it was naptime again. I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep and came back up. By this time Dad had gotten up and Mom had gone back to bed.

So, since Alex had been up since 5am, we all figured he’d crash for his nap really early. And at 3pm he finally did. Right when he would have napped at home. But he did not want to get up at the end and I had to drag him out of bed. He went to bed that night with no fuss and slept through until around 8am.

2 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. I’m sure I could sleep through normal crying baby, however, your child came equipped with the lungs of an opera diva.