Potty Training – take 47(?)

Well, we’ve started the potty training again. We’re at mom and dad’s house. They have a “Cars” potty insert that goes on the big potty. We put Alex in training pants yesterday and today. So far he’s only had one accident, in the middle of the day yesterday about a half-hour after I forgot to take him to the potty. One time yesterday we put the insert on the potty. Alex said “No, big potty”, so I took the potty insert off. Then he looked at the potty and said “No, too big” and pointed that he wanted the insert back on.

He wore a pull-up to bed last night (at his request) and managed to poop in it before I got him changed this morning, so he hasn’t actually pooped in the potty yet. We’ll see how this continues, but we’re off to a fairly good start. Of course, what we’ve really accomplished it Mommy taking Alex to the bathroom every hour, but hey, we’re saving on pull-ups right now.

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