Training Pants

Alex wore training pants to bed last night. He was complaining that his “diaper scratchy”, so I took off the pullup and put training pants on instead. He liked that. But I warned him not to pee overnight or he would be all wet and the bed would be wet. He’s gone overnight often enough without peeing that I thought that he might be OK. And he was. We made sure to make a big deal out of still being dry this morning and then got him on the potty right away. But I sent him to daycare in pullups today since he’s still pooping in them.

I talked to Barb this morning, and he’s starting to fight her about the potty. “I want to go home to Mama”, he says now when she tells him it’s time to pee on the potty. Barb asks if Mama makes him go on the potty. Alex tells her no. Which is the truth – I gave up ages ago and have been waiting for a sign that we should try again. Maybe this week while we’re at my parents house we can get things going again.

7 thoughts on “Training Pants

  1. We’ll get things going again. Different house, different type of potty. Maybe you should just switch him to training pants. Yeah, a pain in the butt, but the accidents might drive him nuts. Sometimes change initiates progress. He can wear training pants here. I have a dog, my house is already full of “accidents.”

  2. After last night, I’m seriously thinking about bringing the training pants. Helps to have your OK, though, since it’s your stuff that will get peed on.

  3. She’s right, we have a poop machine already. Might as well throw in a incontinent toddler.

  4. You could always bribe him with the training pants. If he poops in the potty during the day, he gets to wear the training pants at night.

  5. I was thinking this morning of trying suckers for pooping in the potty.

    He peed overnight last night. His clothes took the brunt of it, the bed took maybe a 4 inch wide circle, and bunny was just every so slightly damp. Alex didn’t seem upset. He might be upset tonight, though, when he finds out he can’t wear his robot PJs.

  6. My parents started potty-training Sergey. Their way of potty-training is putting the kid into regular underpants and then sitting him on the potty every few hours. Sergey was NOT thrilled to be sans diaper the first time. We went through three pairs of underpants (and two pants – I got smart and let him go pant-less after the first two wet underpants). Every time he would go, “I am PEEING!” and we would tell him to warn us BEFORE he has to go. Tonight, he told us he needed to go to the potty twice, and peed into the toilet. I changed him into a diaper for the night, though 🙂 Will let you know how Potty Training Day 2 goes.

  7. You know sometimes things get worse before getting better but when they do, it gives you something to celebrate. Keep encouraging him and rewarding when things to right. Don’t give up!

    Love, Aunt Lynn