Beth’s 1st days at daycare

Beth’s first couple of half-days at daycare have gone well. Eric drops both kids off about 7:15. Then I pick Beth up at noon and go back to get Alex at 5. This has caused some confusion for Alex, which I actually suspected might happen. Both days now Alex has followed me out onto the front porch with no coat and no shoes. The first day he actually went one step down. Today Barb waylaid him before he got more than a step out the door. In spite of the fact that both days we made a point of telling him that I would be back for him later, he thought he was going home.

Barb said that Beth “is a little angel”. Funny the impression other people get of your kids. I think her idea of “little angel” and mine are slightly different. “Little angels” lay quietly wherever mama puts them and entertains them self, like Alex did. Little Beth needs to be almost always entertained (she’s getting better), or at the very least, held. Most of the time walking around as well, but she has come to realize that if Mama is sitting at the dining room table, she’d better sit quietly on Mama’s lap or she’ll end up back in the pack-n-play to cry until Mama finished eating. I think Beth will be a very good baby once she’s able to get around on her own. Or at least interact with toys that she’s given.

Barb said that yesterday, she unbundled Beth first and made a fuss. After all, it was the first day she was getting to watch her. Alex came over and said “What about me?”. So today she made a point of getting Alex’s coat off first. He also had used that same phrase later in the day when Barb was entertaining Beth with a rattle. Alex will get used to Beth being there, but we do have to be careful to make sure he gets attention as well. Most nights we end up with Eric playing with Alex while I walk around with Beth. Tonight Eric had Beth and I played trains with Alex.

But so far things are going well. Beth actually comes home from daycare in a good mood. Yesterday she came home, had her 12:00 bottle and seemed sleepy. So at 12:45 I put her in her carseat and took her out to run errands. She slept the whole time we were out and then continued to sleep in the carseat once we got home. I woke her up at 3:30 for her 3:00 feeding. Turns out she had only slept for about 15 minutes or so in the 5 hours she was at Barb’s. I actually managed to get stuff done while she was home for a change. Today she had a 45 minute nap right before I picked her up because she was scheduled for an 11:00 feeding. She came home very smiley. I actually laid on the floor and played with her for about 20 minutes because she was so content being on the floor, which is quite unusual.

I go back to work in a little less than two weeks, at which point Beth will start going to Barb’s full-time. At least, she will be full-time Mon thru Thu. Alex will still be going alone on Fridays and Beth will stay home with me.

3 thoughts on “Beth’s 1st days at daycare

  1. I’m not surprised that Alex thought he was going home, too. I also wondered how he would react to Beth invading his space at daycare. He will soon get used to her being there. Glad that Beth seems to be adjusting to life without Mommy. Hope Mommy is adjusting to life without Beth.

  2. It is never an easy thing to leave your child at a daycare. Grandma Bischof is right, hope mommy is adjusting to life without Beth. Give both little munchkins a kiss from me.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. Mommy is adjusting. I admit, it was quite weird walking around the house Monday morning all by myself knowing that Beth wouldn’t be crying for me within 15 or so minutes. Or tiptoeing around trying to make sure she won’t wake up. (I know they have to learn to sleep through noise, but she get’s enough practice while Alex is around.)

    Mommy is enjoying actually being able to do things that take more than 15 minutes.