Eric has been working with Alex to get him to say “Please”. Since he has “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” down, he figured this was the next logical step. Alex has been getting it, but he has the cutest mispronunciation – It sounds more like “Trees” than “Please”.

6 thoughts on ““Trees”

  1. His little “Trees” mispronunciation is adorable. If he teaches him ” truck” I hope we’re not around to get the blame. I know, Bill can teach him! He is good at teaching kids to use that word! And we are willing to let him take the blame, as he has in the past.

  2. Darn! And that would have been so cute teamed with the word “movie.”

  3. I agree with Aunt Mary Ellen. Leigh you are a tease! No wonder they call you demon child! Love, Aunt Lynn