My computer geek

It was inevitable, but I didn’t think that we would manage to turn Alex into a computer geek quite a quickly as we have. Funny thing is, Grandpa started it. Grandpa likes to watch model train videos on You Tube. Alex had started sitting on his lap and watching with him. That progressed into us setting Alex up with a video and then every time it would end, Alex would call for help and whoever was closest would click another video for him.

Then one day I noticed that Alex was moving the mouse on his own. He would put the cursor over the video he wanted and say “That one”. So I told him “Just click this button and the video will start”. That’s all it took. After that, Alex wanted to do all the clicking himself. And we had to keep a closer eye on him to make sure he wasn’t wandering where he shouldn’t.

Since then, Alex had figured out many, many things:

  • The “Green button” at the top of the browser will make you go back one video
  • The backspace key on the keyboard will do the same thing. (I didn’t even know this!)
  • He can scroll the page using the mouse wheel
  • He can also scroll within a specific frame (window) on a webpage by clicking inside that frame first
  • He can turn on both my monitor and Jenna’s
  • He can turn up the sound on Jenna’s speakers (which we found out the day he turned the sound WAY up!)
  • He can even add bookmarks (Yes, somehow he figured this out even though it’s a two step process!)
  • He can move icons around on the desktop (I think this was an accident, but it was funny)

We’ve progressed to watching not only model train videos, but Pixar Cars  videos, Mickey Mouse videos, and Thomas the Train  videos.

I also set Alex up with the old Sesame Street games that I had bought for Jenna when she was four. It took at least a year for us to refuse to do things for her and she learned how to run the game herself. Other than showing Alex how the star sparkled when you were over something that you could click, Alex figured the game out by himself.

3 thoughts on “My computer geek

  1. It certainly was inevitable. What’s the old saying? “Like father, like son.” There is another one, too. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  2. Sounds like he is a smart little guy. With a momma who is a computer pro I don’t doubt that he would learn quickly. Children learn things a lot quicker in these days than we did in ours!

    Love, Aunt Lynn