Jenna changes more diapers

The last time she was here, Jenna changed a few more diapers. One of them really surprised me. I was feeding Beth and Jenna suddenly asked me where Alex’s wipes were. I told her they were the same ones that we use for Beth. Next thing I know, Jenna has Alex on his changing mat and is changing his poopy diaper! Guess she found out it wasn’t so difficult after all. Just kinda smelly. But the sooner you get the diaper off him, the sooner he stops smelling bad!

5 thoughts on “Jenna changes more diapers

  1. Jenna is growing up fast isn’t she. She will be a big help I know.

    Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Good Job Jenna, I always knew you were going to be a big help. Love, Grampa Ed

  3. Good job Jenna! It’s nice to see how much you have matured in just the last few months.