Black Bath

So Eric was taking care of Alex on his own for a couple of nights while I was in the hospital. Our friends and neighbors across the street had agreed to take him overnight on Monday night so Eric could stay with me, but Eric was on his own Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Tuesday night I got a phone call from Eric. He had given an Alex a bath. Recently I had used the promise of a “pink” bath to get Alex to go upstairs on a night he was being ornery. I had some sample bath tablets that turn the water either pink, blue, or yellow. Since then, we have given Alex several more baths than usual because he would actually ask to go take a bath and he has to have color.

Anyway, Eric told me that as he was getting things ready for the bath, the phone rang. There were at the point where the water was running, the tablet was in the water, but Alex was not. Eric answered the phone and talked to Paul for maybe two minutes. During that time, Alex walked up to him, took the brand new container containing 29 (of 30) tablets, unscrewed the lid, and poured every tablet into the water. Either Eric was not fully conscious of the fact that Alex had taken the container, or he was unaware that Alex could open it. Once Alex was done, the water was a very, very dark blue, almost black!

I was laughing so hard my stitches hurt by the time Eric finished the story.

2 thoughts on “Black Bath

  1. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall so I could see Eric’s face when he saw the water.

  2. My granddaughters love to change the color of the water Eric. You have to watch those little ones so closely. They can turn your world upside down in a fraction of a moment. One thing is for certain, you will love every moment of every adventure, of every day, they are all memories. Charish them all.

    Love, Aunt Lynn